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Endorsements For The Book

During the last few decades, Seventh-day Adventist membership records reported a loss of about forty percent. It is worthwhile to remember that membership loss is not unique to this denomination. In recent years, North American mainline denominations lost one-third of their membership. Christian leaders attribute the current situation to faulty discipleship. The foundational problem of the church is that it embodies superficial discipleship. Dr. Charles reminds us of some essential biblical considerations on discipleship, answering some of the most important questions regarding this important topic.
Gerson P. Santos, DMin
Associate Secretary, General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists
In a time when a majority of church members seem to be content with their church attendance, and others appear to think that participation in nurturing seminars within the safe and comfortable physical (or virtual) walls of the church makes them disciples, Jesus is looking for followers. Followers who have received His grace, people who share the priorities of their master, disciples who love, seek, and partner with Him to save relatives, neighbors, and co-workers. Disciples who will not be satisfied till they lead someone to the feet of their Savior. In this book, Dr. Robert J. Charles shares his heart as a disciple. His clear Biblical understanding of the calling plus the very practical applications to a life of discipleship make this book a must-read.
Jose Cortes Jr., Associate Ministerial Director for Evangelism
North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists
In his book Chosen as a Disciple, Dr. R. Jean-Marie Charles has done an excellent job in explaining the importance and process of discipleship. He has pointed out that as a church, we are losing approximately forty percent of the members we have added since 1965. This is a serious problem that Dr Charles has made several recommendations of how we can close the “back door” of the church. May the reading of this book serve to give us a better understanding of discipleship.
G. Earl Knight
President, Atlantic Union Conference
Chosen to Be a Disciple is a passionate cry from the heart of a spiritual leader who can attest to the dire need for authentic discipleship in our churches. Denouncing the machination of the devil who resorts to obfuscation to stagnate the ascendant journey of God’s people, Dr. Charles offers clear and practical guidelines for a coherent and meaningful approach to spiritual growth. This timely publication will help God’s chosen people to thrive in an antagonistic world and attain “the whole measure of the fullness of Christ” (Ephesians 4:13 NIV).
Pastor Bordes Henry Saturné, MEd, MTh, PhD
Chair, Andrews University Leadership Department
This book has been inspired by God. It comes exactly at the right time where the World Church leadership is focusing on the same goal “Make disciple”. The strategies using in the book of Dr. Jean-Marie Robert Charles make the evangelism work easy and practical to everyone desiring to use Christ's method to prepare for His soon coming. As we are approaching the last days, our God is enlightening the best way to fulfill our mission by leaving our comfort zone to reach more souls for his kingdom. Yes, this book: “Chosen to be a disciple” comes on time. I highly recommend it to all Christian believers. In reading this book, let’s pray that the Holy Spirit leads us in action as he did for the Christians of the early Church so that we can be participants in the last great evangelism explosion of the world.
Jose L Joseph, ND. CFLE. Vice-President
Atlantic Union Conference, Franco-Haitian Caucus Director, North American Division
I admire the courage and character of the author to address a most relevant, practical, and necessary issue, that of discipleship. The wisdom of bringing to the discussion the correlation between the concept of membership versus the concept of discipleship is splendid. In other words, the injunction given by Christ was not to make members but to make disciples, because disciples do not become stagnant or plateau, but grow. Therefore, to do otherwise would be to lose the integrity of our mission and the calling of Christ. The beauty of the book, however, is to be found in its practicality. It answers the questions “Why be a disciple?”, “How to be a disciple?” and “What does a disciple do?” In the “why”, “how”, and “what” lie the answers to the fulfillment of being chosen to be a disciple. It helps the reader understand and explore the necessity of being a disciple of Christ, especially in the 21st century. I strongly recommend this book to all pastors, leaders, officers and members. It is not a replication of the other books on discipleship, but a fresh look at a pertinent subject with clarity and honesty. Most of all, the conclusions drawn and the implications given are based on Biblical principles.
Dr. Alanzo Smith
Executive Secretary, Greater New York Conference
I would highly recommend this book to all readers who want to deepen their knowledge about discipleship. In this book, in addition to exploring the critical issues of discipleship, Dr. Charles skillfully investigates the substance of discipleship. Whether you are interested in knowing how to be a good disciple or you want to know how to make other disciples, this book is a must-read for you. Chosen to Be a Disciple should be in the library of anyone who desires to excel in the mission of making disciples.
Dr. Pierre E. Omeler
Executive Secretary, Atlantic Union Conference
For many years the Church has followed a distorted concept of the Great Commission which places emphasis on obtaining the highest number of baptisms. The unintended consequence has resulted in the increased spiritual mortality of the church. Membership rolls fill up while the pews empty out. Robert J. Charles passionately challenges us to re-envision the Great Commission through the lens of discipleship. At its core, discipleship is not about adding numbers to the roster but rather about reconciliating sinners with a loving God. The command to make disciples compels us to empower others by teaching them the path to an everlasting relationship with God. The author's simple, yet profound, approach to soulwinning recalibrates our approach to evangelism by prompting us to refocus on the need for long-term commitment to Christ and His Cause.
Daniel Honore
President, Northeastern Conference of Seventh-day Adventists
Chosen to Be a Disciple is a must-read book for all those who desire to become disciples of Christ and make disciples for Christ. It is not just theoretical, but very practical. Robert J. Charles has done an exceptional job of reminding us that the key to spiritual growth is in spending time with God and the reading of the Bible. He teaches us steps to become disciples and to reach more people for the kingdom of God. This book is definitely valuable for pastors, leaders, lay members, and families all around the world. I believe all those who read this book will be blessed by it. It will certainly lead people to a closer walk with Jesus. I highly recommend this book to everyone who longs for that type of relationship.
Reginald R. Barthelemy, DMin, PhD
Ministerial Secretary & Men's Ministries Director, Greater New York Conference of Seventh-day Adventists
The book Chosen to Be a Disciple reflects a God-given passion of Robert J. Charles, stirring a vision that addresses a growing phenomenon in the Seventh-day Adventist Church and, I dare say, Christian denominations in general. There are some things about this book that make it a must-read. Firstly, it avoids complex use of language, which renders it reader-friendly. Secondly, it helps the reader to understand their personal role and relationship to Christ and the Church as a disciple of Jesus. Each chapter ends with a personal application and a recommended prayer. Thirdly, it offers practical steps to becoming an effective disciple. Fourthly, it is grounded on scripture, which separates it from other works that may be mere human ideas on the subject. Finally, it was developed through an empirical study and design. Therefore, the academic mind can also be engaged and conversant with the contents. Chosen to Be a Disciple will prove to be insightful and relevant to the times. The contents are transcultural. Hence, pastors can use it as an additional resource for discipleship training with their congregation. Thus, it is with great delight that I endorse and recommend Chosen to Be a Disciple as a timely and useful publication.
Ainsworth E. Joseph, PhD, DMin
Ministerial Director, Northeastern Conference
Dr. Charles has undoubtedly hit the mark, and it was not revealed by blood or flesh. I love how he connects discipleship with crucial aspects such as the Holy Spirit's work, the ministry of Jesus, and the church's multiplication process. Also, the book's structure of why, how, and what is brilliant and didactic. I congratulate the author and encourage you to read, apply, and share it. Let us receive this bread from heaven with gratitude and thanksgiving.
Dr. Manuel A. Rosario
Personal Ministries and Sabbath School Director, Greater New York Conference of Seventh-day Adventists
I was inspired and motivated as I read Chosen to Be a Disciple. Dr. Charles has produced a well documented and practical book for discipleship. He writes with passion and sincerity, drawing from the inspired writings and a long line of researchers and authors passionate about the subject. Here the reader will find practical ideas that will encourage them in their discipleship journey, and church leaders will find tools to develop a discipleship strategy for their congregations. I wish every youth and young adult would take the time to feast on these pages.
Pr. Lt. Ariel Manzueta
Youth Director, Greater New York Conference
I believe that every church member should read this book. We welcome this new publication by Dr. Robert J. Charles. Chosen to Be a Disciple is a spiritual, practical and well-documented resource that defines and explains the path to successful strategic discipleship. I certainly believe each church member should read this book and put into practice its teachings.
Dr. Samuel Peguero
Family Ministries/Single's Ministries Director, Senior Pastor, Spanish Prospect SDA Church, Greater New York Conference of SDA